Hey there, I’m Jess, welcome to Sprinkle Some Sugar! I’m the twenty-something year writer, self-taught writer, editor, recipe developer, and photographer behind this blog.

You will find all sorts of things here from healthy to decadent desserts. I started Sprinkle Some Sugar as a place to keep track of my family’s favorite recipes and to share with my family and friends. Now, I’m sharing them with you! You’ll find that most of my recipes are relatively simple because with my crazy toddler running around, I prefer the no-fuss, easy recipes!

I have an obsession with food. If I’m really honest, I have an obsession with dessert. If I’m really, really being honest, I have a completely sick obsession with chocolate. Nothing makes me happier and I’m sure one day I’m going to pay for that (goodbye jeans).

I’m a stay at home mom to my perfect, 3 1/2 yr old little boy and have a boyfriend, Mike, who is the coolest and sweetest guy around. I love my little family more than anything! They are my taste-testers for all of my recipes here on this little old blog of mine. If a recipe can pass the test through Mike, then you know it’s a good one. Pickiest. eater. on. the. PLANET.

All creations and photography are my own, unless otherwise noted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me – I love hearing from you! Emails can be sent to sprinklesomesugarblog {at} gmail {dot} com.

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This is my little family! (I really need to get professional photos done!)


My son John Michael is my pride and joy!