The Best {and Easiest} Glazed Donuts


The Best {and Easiest} Glazed Donuts - Sprinkle Some Sugar

I am completely addicted to glazed donuts. Every time I make my favorite cinnamon sugar donuts, while mike loves those, he always asks when I’m going to make fried donuts like his beloved Krispy Kreme. I have always just put it off because I just could never find the right recipe and honestly didn’t feel like doing all of the work! I’ve seen this idea of fried Pillsbury biscuit donuts floating around the web so much lately and decided to give it a whirl. I was so ready for failure because I thought, how could biscuit dough possibly taste like donuts? Or even, what if the dough soaks up the oil and becomes a greasy, soggy mess? Well, I’m here to report that the biscuit dough was a HUGE success! They come out of the hot oil perfectly fried to golden perfection on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. The thin glaze coating the entire donut just makes them absolutely irresistible!

The Best {and Easiest} Glazed Donuts - Sprinkle Some Sugar

Since Mike has been begging me to make these, you know I had to send some pictures to him while he was at work just to tease him. He couldn’t wait to come home and sink his teeth into one of these babies. He loveeeed them! I loved that with the biscuits, you get 8 large donuts + 8 little donut holes which will be gobbled up in seconds! There’s barely any work required. You just separate the biscuits, cut a hole in the center of each disk, roll the holes into a ball and fry away! Be sure to keep the temperature at a consistent 375 degrees to ensure the donuts fry to perfection! Or else you may wind up with greasy donuts that aren’t so fluffy on the inside. I will forever and ever use biscuit dough to fry my donuts because it’s just way too easy not to!

The Best {and Easiest} Glazed Donuts - Sprinkle Some Sugar

I love having these in the morning with my caramel iced coffee! Literally, heaven in my mouth when they’re paired together.

The Best {and Easiest} Glazed Donuts - Sprinkle Some Sugar

I dare you to try to eat just one!


The Best {and Easiest} Glazed Donuts


1 can Original Pillsbury Biscuit Dough (8 biscuits) (I use these)
1 quart vegetable oil
2 cups confectioners' sugar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3-4 tbs hot water


Heat oil in a large pot or dutch oven to 375 degrees using a thermometer. It's easiest when the thermometer clips to the side of the pot to ensure the temperature is consistently at 375 degrees.

Place 2 paper towels on a wire rack where you will place donuts when they come out of the hot oil. Set up another wire rack next to the first one for the glazing station. You may want to place a paper towel underneath to catch excess glaze for easy clean up.

Mix glaze ingredients together until smooth. Add more hot water as needed for the consistency desired. I like mine to be fairly thin.

Separate biscuits and cut circles in the center of each disk. Roll each cut out into 8 balls (these are for the donut holes). Place donuts 2 at a time into hot oil until golden. Flip onto other side and fry again until golden. This should only take about 1 minute for each side. Scoop donuts out with a slotted spoon and place on paper towel lined wire rack. Repeat the frying process for the rest of the donuts and donut holes. In between each batch, coat the hot donuts in glaze on both sides by dunking each side quickly. Set them on the second bare wire rack to let the excess drip off onto the paper towels underneath. Remember to keep a consistent temperature of 375 degrees the entire time while frying and adjust heat settings as needed.

Donuts are best served warm and fresh! A few hours later and you may have to reheat in the microwave for a few seconds. The second day, the donuts will soak up the glaze and aren't as fresh anymore but are still tasty when warmed up.


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    • Jessica says

      Thank you Elizabeth! They’re seriously amazing and nobody has to know your secret! Let me know how you like them!

      • isabel says

        My mom has made these donuts for more than 30 years & I love them. My kids & grankids love them also. If you don’t cut the holes you can make jelly filled donuts

  1. Gina Miller says

    These are super easy, super yummy and a must make. By the way, they will not make it to the next day
    Try blueberry biscuits too!

  2. Emily says

    My mom made these when I was a kid. But instead of a glaze she threw them in a paper bag immediately out of the hot oil full of confectioners sugar. Just close up the bag and shake to completely coat the donuts. So delicious.

  3. Teresa says

    Thank you so very much for sharing! My family and I tried these last night. Honestly I wasn’t sure how they would turn out, but we LOVED them. They did not last five minutes. A new favorite that my kids are requesting nonstop now. This couldn’t have come at a better time either. We just moved to Alaska and no KK.

    • Jessica says

      I’m so happy you and your family enjoyed them! There’s no Krispy Kreme near us either, about an hour drive away, so these donuts are the next best thing!

  4. christe says

    Decided to give these a try this morning! My kids LOVE THEM! I don’t buy can biscuts but this was so worth trying! Finished one batch, within a matter of mins they were gone! so I made another batch! My kids raved that they are better than the donut shop! I am def making this a regular treat for us!

  5. shar says

    At the store I only saw original flaky Pillsbury biscuits. Will that work? Maybe post a picture of the kind you used!

    • Jessica says

      They might be fine, I’m not sure because I’ve never used the flaky ones. I use the “Homestyle Original Biscuits” I included a link in the recipe to the exact one I use so there is no more confusion!

      • Stephanie says

        Hi Jessica,
        A few week back I made the donuts and they were a huge hit at my boyfriends work. I got many request to make them again and I bought the buttermilk biscuits omg not the same. In order for them to be light and airy you can only use the homestyle original biscuits.
        Thanks for a simple but great trick to donuts.

  6. Shannon Morris says

    Novice donut-maker question please: How do you get the glaze to be so even? Do you brush it on? Dip the donut into the glaze. etc? Thank you!

    • Jessica says

      That sounds awesome, I’ve never tried it myself, but I bet it would work. If you try that method out please report back with your results!

  7. says

    I just made these and I am blown away by how simple and delicious they are. I had the mini buttermilk grands, so I just smooshed two together for a total of five donuts/holes from the can. The hardest part was getting the oil to cool to the right temp after it got too hot at the start! Thanks so much for this; my brother and partner are gonna love me for it

  8. Anna says

    I don’t have a thermometer. Can you give a stove setting (medium, medium high, etc.)? Don’t wanna burn this yummy goodness!

    • Jessica says

      It’s hard to say because in order to get the perfect texture the oil would have to be set to exactly 375 degrees. If the oil is too hot, the outside will fry too quickly leaving the inside doughy and undercooked and if the oil isn’t hot enough then they’ll take longer to fry which means they can become tough and heavy or even worse greasy (yuck). I did some research and it seems like it is possible to fry without a thermometer. Check out this article: I really do recommend investing in a thermometer though, they’re only a couple of bucks! I hope this helps, Anna! Let me know how they come out if you decide to try them without a thermometer.

    • says

      I got a thermometer with an adjustable-height clip for $3 – definitely a worthwhile investment, since oil is really hard to gauge from appearance. I put mine on med-high for 5-7 minutes and it went from 250° to over 400 in the space of less than a minute, and it took 15 minutes to cool enough to use! I kept it at 350-375 on a setting of 2.5-3 on a range top where High is 7, if that helps.

  9. Debora says

    made these delectable donuts 30 min. ago!
    Omg! Delish, must go, I need to eat another one!
    Can they b microwave! For reheating? Thank You, Deb

    • Jessica says

      That’s so great to hear that you loved them! Sorry for the delayed response! They are definitely the best fresh, but pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and they taste great

  10. Peg Nimz says

    Verrry good…My mom also used to make these ..only with a cinnamon and sugar version., She would take the hot donut from the fryer into a double bagged brown bag that has a sugar and cinnamon in it…shake ..shake and put on a plate….or eat from the bag…Yummm.. .I do think tho that your version with the glaze will keep them fresher longer…Can’t wait to try it on my kids and grandkids

  11. Julianne Eaker says

    When my girls we in elementary school and I was a stay at home mom I made homemade yeast donuts from a recipe my mother had in her old recipe book. I lost my mother when I was 8 so those recipes were gold to me. They were a labor of love but oh so worth it. Yours look every bit as beautiful as the ones I made so many years ago. Can’t wait to try these and see if the girls know the difference. I know the grands will love them.

  12. Elaine Ross says

    I have made these for many years and my boys loved them dipped in chocolate . I made chocolate gravy and they are unbelievable !!!

  13. says

    Instead of cutting holes, before you fry the biscuit, just tear a hole in the center and make it near with your fingers then fry it. Much easier and coins out the same!

  14. Sue says

    I love the donut holes you get as much as the actual donut! I made these for the first time about four months ago and my whole family gobbled them down. We don’t do fried foods, but I just had to give these a go. When you keep the oil temp at 375 degrees, they do not get greasy at all. This is a once in a while treat for my family, but one we always look forward to.

  15. Tammy Murphy says

    Just made these this morning…..Oh My Goodness….they are delicious!!!! Did not taste like a biscuit. They actually tasted like a bakery donut!!!! Will make these again and again.

  16. Eliana Monsalve says

    yo soy de Chile y aqui no encuentro la masa preparada que usa la receta sera posible que me manden una receta que yo pueda preparar, me encantan y me gustaria aprender a harlos. (espero que alguien alli lea y escriba español) o sino yo leo ingles estaria muy agradecida si me contestan

  17. says

    I was searching for “easy donut recipes” on the web but I have never found anything easier than this! I am volunteering at church and will be doing a “donut night” for my girls. I will give this a try tonight (my husband is too excited, we do not have any KK near us, would have to cross the border just to get some) and give this a go for girls club. Thanks!

  18. Annie says

    These look delicious but I was disappointed that it wasn’t an recipe for the actual dough. It might be an idea to put Pilsbury in the title so that it doesn’t mislead people into loading the full page (especially on mobile which can take ages for non-optimised sites) and then finding out it uses a pre-packaged ingredient. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, I’m sure they are delicious and everyone loves a convenience recipe, just giving some constructive feedback to make things a bit clearer for people looking for recipes. Thanks!

  19. Ava says

    hey, they look amazing , i really want to try, is there subsitute for Original Pillsbury Biscuit Dough? like bread flour or all-pupose ?

  20. April says

    I made these with the Annie’s refrigerated flaky biscuits because they were the only ones I could find dairy and soy free and they came out delicious! Rivaled the ones I made from scratch last year!


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