Birthday Cake Golden Oreo Cookies

Birthday Cake Golden Oreo Cookies - Sprinkle Some Sugar

Today is a special day, hence the abundance of sprinkles! Today, my sweet baby boy is TWO!! He’s growing up right before our eyes into such an amazingly smart, loving, CRAZY little boy and today is making me really stop and think about how fast time really goes by. We have been so blessed since the day he was born and what they say is true, you really never know the true meaning of love until you have a child because now I can’t imagine a day without him in our lives! It’s indescribable the amount of love, joy and happiness this perfect boy brings to my life, making me a better person and making me try even harder to be the best mom I can be to him every single day.

I love this quote.. “A young mom means that we met a little early, but it also, means I get to love you a little longer. Some people said that my life ended when I had a baby but my life had just begun. You didn’t take away from my future, you gave me a new one..” I’ll love you forever and always times infinity, John Michael!


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